Thursday, April 29, 2010

NEWS on Korean Green Tea 4/29/2010

We are in Korea waiting to go to Mungyeong as the USA representative in the Mungyeong Chassabal Festival.  It is cold in Korea, much colder than it has been in the last five years we have been here at this time. 
The other day we met with Brother Anthony, co-author of The Korean Way of Tea who had just returned from Jirisan and Jollanamdo, two of Korean more important tea areas.  Tea is coming in late this year, a result of the cold winter.  This will drive the price of the first pick up.  This doesn't mean that all Korean teas will be expensive, but tea will be coming in late and we will have to wait for the prices.  In a couple of weeks we will be traveling to the Bosong tea area where we will be able to get a better idea about what is actually happening.  
With us now are Sue McFarland from Australia and Elena Renker from New Zealand tea ware artists and representatives for their countries in the Mungyeong festival.  We'll be meeting with Petr Novak from the Czech Republic, whom some of you know, and the other artists on Saturday.  When I get a chance,  I'll be posting on the Mungyeong teaware event and this year's Korean green tea.  

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  1. How interesting. Knowing more details about the coffee world, I never thought that weather would affect the price of tea, but of course, it would.

    Always look forward to learning more about Korean Tea. Until I found a link to your blog, again, only thought of Chinese teas.

    Thanks and Cheers!