Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jung Ki Bong's Travel Tea Set

   Jung Ki Bong is a third generation celadon artist from Haenam, South Korea, not far from the famous city of Gangjin.  Some consider him to be one of Korea's best celadon artists for his mastery in carving and inlay.  The walls of his showroom are lined with many well deserved awards and he receives several million KRW for this work.

a Jung Ki Bong Double Walled Jar 

A close-up view
Jung Ki Bong is so respected that the Gangjin International Celadon Festival invites him to present the celadon carving workshop for the International ceramic artists who visit that festival each year.  Here he is demonstrating for the American artist Bryan Van Benschloten.

Jung Ki Bong (center) with Bryan

   Jung Ki Bong, whose wife is a tea master, also makes great very reasonably priced teaware including a really exciting lotus travel tea set. 

 Another View

   The lotus flower, the symbol of enlightenment in Buddhism, is a perfect choice on which to base this beautiful teaset.  
   Additional images of teasets by Jung Ki Bong and other artists will be posted on our teaware blog in the near future.   Become a follower of that blog to be informed when they are available to see and for purchase.  Contact us if you would like to be on the  purchase waiting list.
   Turning to Korean tea.  Throughout Korea the "pick" has begun.  It has been a great growing season for tea, especially compared to 2011, and we are eagerly anticipating the results.  
   Morning Crane Tea will be offering a number of new teas from several great Korean tea producers.   We want to bring you some really unusual and very special offerings.  Some of these new teas will be available wholesale but most will only be available through us retail and in very limited quantities.  Because our goal is simply to help expose you to some great Korean teas we will making no profit on some of the teas we will be offering.  To be among the first to learn what will be available please email us to be placed on that list.  Also watch the new blog develop at Tea at Morning Crane Tea.  Follow that blog to learn about our new teas as they become available.


  1. I love reading travel experiences and knowledge that you bring from every place you visit. I'm Argentina, and where I travel I try to do everything there is here to do, like walking in Key west shuttle in Florida.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Maru. I hope you travel with some great teas and a gaiwan or nice travel set like this one.

  2. Is there any way to order the lotus travel set online? It's beautiful! I live in the US.

    1. Sorry for my late response. I left for Korea July 22 and just returned home but all the time in Korea.
      I have two of these sets available for $120 each plus shipping from the USA. Contact me if you are interested by using the contact link in this post. This set, for me, is the best travel tea set I have seen in Korea. It functions great and is the perfect size for an individual or to share a cup of tea. You may know that many Korean teapots are not larger than this one. It comes is a lined box.

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