Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Morning Crane Tea Sale

Did you know Morning Crane Tea sells tea?
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This Sale Officially Closed 
January 14, 2012
But you are encouraged to review this post.

We at Morning Crane Tea want to celebrate the ending of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 by offering our Dong Cheon Korean teas to everyone at a reduced price for a very limited time.  Morning Crane Tea is primarily a wholesale tea and tea ware company so it would not surprise us that many of you reading this announcement are discovering for the first time that Morning Crane Tea actually sells teas to anyone.  Others of you have known for some time that we are the official wholesaler for Dong Cheon Tea.  If you see a company offering Dong Cheon Teas outside of Korea, we may have sold it to them.
You may have been reading about Dong Cheon Teas on the MattCha and Tea Goober blogs (see links below).  Here is your opportunity to not let another year pass without trying one or more of these superb teas.  In the process you may discover some exceptional teas that you will want to keep around throughout the year. 

L to R: Kim Jong Gyun and Ha Il Nam  of Dong Cheon Tea with Hong Kyeong-hee and Brother Anthony of Taize co-authors of The Korean Way of Tea and Korean Tea Classics  
You might want to know a little more about the Dong Cheon Tea company.  Dong Cheon Tea located in Hwagae Valley in Jirisan, Korea’s ‘holy mountain’ for tea, is a Pumasi Co-operative of 88 Hwagae area tea producers who have come together to cultivate organically grown teas and process them consistently.  They never use any agricultural pesticide or chemical fertilizer.  All Dong Cheon teas are organically grown and are certified as such by the "Gyeongsang National University's Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation".  Authority to grant this organic certification was transferred to Gyeongsang National University by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service (NAQS).  However to comply with international protocol when it comes to ‘officially’ labeling teas as “organic”, that designation is not used on our labels.  Although the label may not reflect it, rest assured that all Dong Cheon teas are organically grown.  Watch for a more in-depth post on Dong Cheon Tea and what they have done for the Hwagae area tea producers.

The Morning Crane Tea Sale:
 Daejak tea in silk bag with clear plastic protection
To celebrate this unusual special offering, all of your Dong Cheon Teas will come in 50g silver bags with Morning Crane Tea labels that are inserted into a colorful bag made of Korean silk and covered by a clear plastic bag to protect the silk bag.
The silk bags, our gift to you, are made of remnants from the manufacture of beautiful high quality Korean hanbok (traditional clothing). 
A few of the many silk bag color combinations

Most of these silk bags are one of a kind so we cannot accept requests for various colors.  We will try to not repeat colors in a single multiple-tea order.  In addition, if there is a single color that you absolutely don’t like let us know and we’ll try to not send a bag of that color to you.   
(At the time of our original post the following statement was true.  Since our original sale some of our retailers have nearly  matched our sale prices.) Our teas for this sale are priced below other regular American retail prices, a tricky proposition since we don’t want to undercut our wholesale customers too much.  Rather our hope is that by trying these teas through us you will want to continue to have these premium teas available year round and will turn to one of our wholesale customers close to you for those purchases through their retail outlets.  We also hope that this sale will alert additional retail tea outlets whether in a store, on-line or for private tea tasting to the availability of these teas from Morning Crane Tea so that we will be able to build broader regional presence internationally.  If you are a legitimate outlet for retail teas, please contact us for our wholesale prices for these teas.
Morning Crane Tea labels for four Dong Cheon Teas

50g of Sejak, Jungjak and Daejak packed in silver bags.  
The bag size varies with the size of the leaf and air - not weight. 
We are offering the following Dong Cheon teas all picked in 2011:
Sejak          50g    in silver bag with silk outer bag        
Jungjak       50g    in silver bag with silk outer bag        
Daejak        50g    in silver bag with silk outer bag        
Dan-Cha     50g    in silver bag with silk outer bag        
(Ujeon is also available at reduced prices but must be shipped from Korea. Please contact us for details.)

Please check for current prices on these wonderful teas and for the prices on the artisan teas we also source.  If you are on Facebook, please 'Like' us.
Sejak, Jungjak and Daejak are all premium green teas picked at various times during the picking season.   
See the links below to read Matt Cha’s and Tea Goober’s reviews of Dong Cheon’s Sejak and Jungjak green teas.  Daejak has not been reviewed but interestingly won a blind green tea tasting at a local teashop.  
The Dan-Cha, referred to also as Hong-Cha in Korea, is a Korean “Red” tea.  In America, we may refer to this tea as a black tea but I believe it deserves its own category as a Korean Red tea.  It is not a robust black tea nor should it be brewed as long as most black teas.  Made from the same leaves as Sejak, this tea is not bitter but rich and smooth and seems to retain some of the characteristics of Sejak even though it is fully fermented.  I believe you will like this offering.
We decided to use the term Dan-Cha to not confuse it with Hwang-Cha Korea’s yellow tea that we will be offering after the 2012 harvest.  Both the words “Dan” and “Hong” refer to the color "red".
As a wholesale company, we carry very little tea in house however a number of these teas are available for shipment immediately.  After we exhaust our in-house inventory, delivery time will depend on how fast your orders arrive and how fast Dong Cheon is able to fill my order and ship it.  This sale ends January 14, 2012.  Orders dated after midnight of that date cannot be filled but we will refer you to one of the retail distributors near you.  Tea from this sale sent to our international customers will be sent from either the USA or South Korea whichever is closest.  Tea sent from Korea will have the Dong Cheon label in a 50g silver bag and with a colorful silk bag.
If in stock, we will ship the teas to you immediately.  Currently all but Ujeon are in stock.  Payment must be received before orders are shipped.  Contact us for payment options.
These prices are for the sale of one or two 50g bags of any of the teas we offer.  To encourage you to try various teas, take $3 off your order when you buy any three different teas.  Take $4 off your order when you buy all 4 teas.  This is a promotional sale rather than a typical retail sale or an opportunity for one to stock up on these teas at lower prices.  That would undercut our wholesale customers. Therefore we are obligated to limit the number of bags of tea sent to one address to no more than 4 bags including any combination but no more than 2 bags of any one tea.  Discount is available only if you purchase all four teas.  If you are a legitimate tea retailer, contact us to learn our wholesale prices.
While this particular rare retail offering is for Dong Cheon Tea, Morning Crane Tea is not limited to Dong Cheon Tea for our teas.  We are working with several artisan tea producers particularly looking at their distinctive artisan green teas, hwang-cha and ddok-cha.  These teas will be available shortly after the 2012 production season.
Send your tea purchase request and questions to us at Morning Crane Tea.  We’ll try to answer your questions and/or send you an invoice and explain the payment method best suited to your location. 
Watch for a Morning Crane tea ware sale to come soon.

This time of year brings wonderful memories and too often sad memories as well, along with a feeling of thanks that we are still here to share those memories with family and friends over a cup of tea.  Perhaps in 2012 and for years to come that cup of tea will on occasion be from Morning Crane Tea. 
We at Morning Crane Tea together with our friends at Dong Cheon Tea wish you and yours a very wonderful holiday and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Were you a follower of this blog before this tea sale? Contact us for an additional discount.  

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